Global During Corona Webinars 2021

Radu Magdin
3 min readJun 24, 2020

In the implementation of our Agenda2022 plans and our Strategy Update for the next 5 years (some public details here), we are starting to share know-how and further connect with current and future clients and partners on our (mutual) topics of expertise and interest. We will deliver global webinars During Corona (because this is where we are, DC land — not BC, not AC - for the next few months at least, so we have to deal with this situation).

A list of our 2021 webinars on the 3 new strategic projects mentioned in the strategy link above, can be found further down - please note that this page will refresh periodically. The final name of the events and final speakers list will be adjusted 1–2 weeks before any event takes place. We may also develop some new events (or variations of these webinars), in partnership with other players, while the webinars further down are Smartlink branded.

All our webinars are free of charge (subject to registration), except for our February events “Quarterly investor briefing for Romania and Moldova” and “Romania’s Recovery Policies between Bucharest and Brussels”. Please express interest to attend for any of the events hereunder at: .

  1. “Quarterly Romania & Moldova Investor Briefing on Political Risks and Trends” + “Healthy, Green and Digital: Romania’s Recovery Policies between Bucharest and Brussels”

2. “Power March: Empowerment Strategies in Politics and Business”

3. “The Power of Networks: Going Global during and after corona”

4. “Competitive Futures: CEE+ Trade & Investment Options for Recovery”

5. “Women in Boards in times of Economic Crisis: Power Plans, Plays and Ploys”

6. “Leadership Resilience to Information Warfare: Global Lessons from Eastern Europe”

7. “Superclans in Crisis: How the World’s Leading Families help Global Recovery”

8. “Women in Global Politics: Coronavirus Glass Ceiling Opportunities”

9. “Global Aid Futures: from Corona Crisis Management to SDGs Smart Recovery”

10. “Global Europe and Global Romania: EU and National (Geo)Politics and Leadership Options”

11. “State of EU 2021: The Geopolitical Commission and Strategic Autonomy amid Great&Middle Power Recovery Competition”

12. “SuperShe: Challenges and the Way Forward for Superclans’ Lady Successors amid Corona”

13. “NATO and EU Futures: A Foresight Exercise amid kick off Conferences”

14 “New Deal, New Dream: Liberal Options and Offers amid Corona crises and the 4IR”

15. “Economic Diplomacy and European Competitive Storytelling: Trading Hands with a Smooth Glove”

16. “Regional Powerhouse Modelling: what CEE+ can learn from North Rhein-Westphalia, Texas and the Greater Bay Area”

17. “Smart Financing in Crisis: Is Start up to Unicorn still possible?”

18. “NextGen Superclans: Who (em)powers the Next Decade of Global and Local Recovery?”

19. “Coopetition in CEE+: How the Region can Partner for prosperity in crisis”

20. “The EU’s Digital, Green and Healthy Recovery: A strategic update for 2021+”

21. “Recovering Hearts and Minds amid Corona Waves — A Leader’s Stratcom Toolkit for Citizen Hope Management”

22. “Romania’s Local Future: Managing Community Growth to Boost Country Recovery”

23. “Reshoring 2020s: how CEE+ performed during corona and what next for Global and Regional Supply Chains”

24. “Benign Influence amid Malign Ops: Strategies for Diasporas engaging in National Recoveries”.

25. “Regional CEE+ Outlook 2021/2022” + “Quarterly Romania & Moldova Investor Briefing on Political Risks and Trends”



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